The Weary Traveler

I am trying so hard, you know, to let this go
You don’t know what it’s like to lose control
Reaching inside this emptiness
Trying to find reason to escape from this
All my life I’ve been searching broken windows and open doors
Trying to find shelter to get out of the storm
In here it’s warm, but I feel the pain of this life
Out there it’s cold, but it takes me away from my mind
I don’t know why I’m always searching for more
When I can’t remember what I was looking for
I tried to hide so I wouldn’t feel anything
Now I’m dying inside and I feel everything
I’ll continue to wander upon these lonely roads
Till I find somewhere that I want to go
Feeling alone, I try to hide from my mind
Hoping someday I’ll know what I’m trying to find
Should I try to find my way back home?
Or am I better off alone
Just wandering this world with nowhere to go
And in the dark I can see the light
It’s the path to take that I know is right
I’m ready to leave it all behind
If you’ll just hold me in your arms tonight
I feel so cold
Wandering this world alone
Searching for a reason to exist
Searching for a way out of this
Just a weary traveler in the night
Searching for any sign of light
And I’ll start it all over again
Searching for a road to take me anywhere but where I am
And I’ll continue to explore, till I find something worth searching for