Throats to the Blade

Chained down and told to believe in these lies as we’re asked to close our eyes
Don’t ask any questions, do as you’re told
Go on living the life that you know
Feel the pressure of the blade on your throat

Smiling through broken teeth and bloody lips
Give up hope
You try to make us kneel, but we stand at the edge, better to fall than fail
These swollen eyes still see
Yes, we feel the pain
We’re no longer afraid
Clenched fists with chains on our wrists
Eyes full of rage as we laugh through the pain
We won’t ask ‘why?’ or ‘what for?’
Because it doesn't hurt anymore
Bleeding and smiling, eyes open wide, now it’s time to set fire to the skies

We are broken
We are bleeding
Our knees won’t bend
We won’t give in

When the whole world comes crashing down
We’ll be the ones to stand our ground
We are the ones who still feel alive
The everlasting of a dying tribe
We won’t bow our heads in shame
We are the hope
We are the way
Hold our heads up high
And expose our throats to the blade