Wishful Thinking

Here I sit alone again,
Pretending to be me.
But I am someone else right now,
Crushed, trapped, and unable to be free.
So in this cage I sit,
Still trying to define what the key may be.
Love perhaps, or simple romance,
Hoping there exists a soul to match.
Or is it something more?
Something I forgot to look for.
I stare into that space beyond the bars,
Wondering if prayers ever reach beyond the stars.
Then it dawns on me to try the door,
I just assumed it was locked before.
And fearing that my world may end,
Gently I push upon this rusted hinge.
Creaking and moaning its sad little song,
The melody begging me to sing along:
Can you tear down these walls you've built?
Do flowers bloom, only to wilt?
Can you find the strength to go beyond,
To lift yourself up and carry on?
For if this cage was built by me,
It is only within that I can find the key.