When I Can't Hold On

I tried to hold onto all these fading dreams
With my only point of view, watching you leave
This is how it has to be
I don’t want you to fall with me
You have to save yourself
And you’re never coming back for me
I know we tried so hard, but the time has come
Let me be cast aside
Let me be your sacrifice
You know that I tried to be everything you wanted of me
I never wanted you to see what you have done to me
I can’t take the pain away
And we’ll never be the same
You have to leave me behind
I don’t want you to watch me fall
So please close your eyes
This will be the last goodbye
Cast aside
Let me be your sacrifice
I tried to heal myself through screaming out
Questions of faith and doubt
Holding onto these fears
Afraid to let it all out
Gripping onto the edge
And when I can’t hold on
Please just let me fall