The Weary Traveler

I am trying so hard, you know, to let this go
You don’t know what it’s like to lose control
Reaching inside this emptiness
Trying to find reason to escape from this
All my life I’ve been searching broken windows and open doors
Trying to find shelter to get out of the storm
In here it’s warm, but I feel the pain of this life
Out there it’s cold, but it takes me away from my mind
I don’t know why I’m always searching for more
When I can’t remember what I was looking for
I tried to hide so I wouldn’t feel anything
Now I’m dying inside and I feel everything
I’ll continue to wander upon these lonely roads
Till I find somewhere that I want to go
Feeling alone, I try to hide from my mind
Hoping someday I’ll know what I’m trying to find
Should I try to find my way back home?
Or am I better off alone
Just wandering this world with nowhere to go
And in the dark I can see the light
It’s the path to take that I know is right
I’m ready to leave it all behind
If you’ll just hold me in your arms tonight
I feel so cold
Wandering this world alone
Searching for a reason to exist
Searching for a way out of this
Just a weary traveler in the night
Searching for any sign of light
And I’ll start it all over again
Searching for a road to take me anywhere but where I am
And I’ll continue to explore, till I find something worth searching for

Out of Place

Trying to find our way
Trying to find our place
Reaching out
Grasping at air
Only to find no one is there
Screaming out in a world so cold
Reaching out for something to hold
Is this the only way?
Feeling so out of place
Please don’t cry, please my dear
Dry your eyes and wipe your tears
Yes I know you feel alone
You have nowhere to call your home
Crying out, I feel your pain
We are the lost without a name
Look inside, find a way
Spread our wings and fly away
We tried
We tried so hard
Feeling so far apart
Is this the only way?
Feeling so out of place
We will open up the skies
Screaming out in frustrated cries
They will feel our voices rain
Through the clouds and through the pain
The collected whispers of a thousand dreams
Left in our souls the mystery
Why we seek the path unknown
And find ourselves so far from home
This is the only way.
Feeling so out of place

Sifting Through the Ashes

Searching through the smoke
Trying to find my way
Sifting through the ashes
Of a fire that burned away
Beneath the ashes
An ember still burns
I tried to forget
Kindling this regret
As the wind blows
The ember starts to glow
Tears like gasoline
Screaming to be free
I whisper your name
And these memories fuel the flame
It’s reaching for the skies
And it’s burning me alive

Rite of Passage

Unbreakable, Insatiable
We are the fallen angels
These broken wings
We will mend again
These wounds will heal
Then we’ll ascend
I spread my wings beneath your feet
I’ve tried so hard and felt so weak
Through the cries of pain and lies
I know that these trampled wings will fly
We are the abandoned children
We are the loving neglect
We are the gods forgotten
We are your regret
When you look out into the black
You’ll see it’s you who’s staring back
A frustrated Angel
Seeking and searching
For the rite of passage in a bloody mess of broken wings
These are the soils of the broken earth
And so we must grow
And so we must hurt

Wishful Thinking

Here I sit alone again,
Pretending to be me.
But I am someone else right now,
Crushed, trapped, and unable to be free.
So in this cage I sit,
Still trying to define what the key may be.
Love perhaps, or simple romance,
Hoping there exists a soul to match.
Or is it something more?
Something I forgot to look for.
I stare into that space beyond the bars,
Wondering if prayers ever reach beyond the stars.
Then it dawns on me to try the door,
I just assumed it was locked before.
And fearing that my world may end,
Gently I push upon this rusted hinge.
Creaking and moaning its sad little song,
The melody begging me to sing along:
Can you tear down these walls you've built?
Do flowers bloom, only to wilt?
Can you find the strength to go beyond,
To lift yourself up and carry on?
For if this cage was built by me,
It is only within that I can find the key.

When I Can't Hold On

I tried to hold onto all these fading dreams
With my only point of view, watching you leave
This is how it has to be
I don’t want you to fall with me
You have to save yourself
And you’re never coming back for me
I know we tried so hard, but the time has come
Let me be cast aside
Let me be your sacrifice
You know that I tried to be everything you wanted of me
I never wanted you to see what you have done to me
I can’t take the pain away
And we’ll never be the same
You have to leave me behind
I don’t want you to watch me fall
So please close your eyes
This will be the last goodbye
Cast aside
Let me be your sacrifice
I tried to heal myself through screaming out
Questions of faith and doubt
Holding onto these fears
Afraid to let it all out
Gripping onto the edge
And when I can’t hold on
Please just let me fall

Throats to the Blade

Chained down and told to believe in these lies as we’re asked to close our eyes
Don’t ask any questions, do as you’re told
Go on living the life that you know
Feel the pressure of the blade on your throat

Smiling through broken teeth and bloody lips
Give up hope
You try to make us kneel, but we stand at the edge, better to fall than fail
These swollen eyes still see
Yes, we feel the pain
We’re no longer afraid
Clenched fists with chains on our wrists
Eyes full of rage as we laugh through the pain
We won’t ask ‘why?’ or ‘what for?’
Because it doesn't hurt anymore
Bleeding and smiling, eyes open wide, now it’s time to set fire to the skies

We are broken
We are bleeding
Our knees won’t bend
We won’t give in

When the whole world comes crashing down
We’ll be the ones to stand our ground
We are the ones who still feel alive
The everlasting of a dying tribe
We won’t bow our heads in shame
We are the hope
We are the way
Hold our heads up high
And expose our throats to the blade